Make PPE

Welcome to Make PPE   This site features links to the best do-it- yourself PPE from Makers around the world.    Please let us know if you have any additions.   Most resources were gleaned from the awesome community at: Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies.   Not perfect, but wonderfully diverse.  Love and health to you all.

These designs are not tested or approved. makes no claims of health or effectiveness.  Use at your own risk.  

Face Shields

Prusa Printers Face Shield Face Sheidl

Visiera protettiva, Safety Face Shield, Visor mask ,Visera para proteger la cara.

Face Shield protective shield protective shield
[COVID-19] Medical Face Shield Frame and glasses (Laser cut w/ 2mins per piece, much faster than 3D printing) by DrBioPhysics

Medical Face Shield Frame and glasses


Surgical Masks

Hong Kong Surgical Mask

Athenacosplay home made mask.


HEPA Covid Coronavirus Face Mask by Kvatthro

Face mask frame by Fotogeek

Open Source Mask

Copper3d  Respirator.

DIY Tear Gas Mask A.K.A. Freedom Mask

Stg Skj  Mask.

Foldable Respirator by markBear

Filter Materials

What Are the Best Materials for Making DIY Masks? – Smart Air Filters

Mask Reuse

Sterlization Box for Masks

DIY N95 Mask Notes


Cnn Mask News article.

Business Insider Article on Face Mask production.